War of the Roses! RCRG vs LRD - Away - 28/11/09

28 Nov 2009
2009 war of the roses
Rainy City Rollergirls vs Leeds Roller Dolls Rotten Rollers
Final Score: 
RCRG 127 - 138 LRD
Saturday, 28 November 2009
Armitage Sports Centre, Manchester, M14 6HE
Game On: 

This was certainly NOT a bout to be missed. Both teams rallied up the crowd with a nail biting and high adrenaline event! Well done again Leeds and thank you very much Rainy City Rollergirls for hosting.
LRD would also like to thank our Coach Jerry Attric and Rosewhip for being the best line up managers on the day, our wonderful supporters, merch ladies and gents and finally our Refs- the Enforcer, Matt the Knife and Deadly Nedly.

The thanks and and support doesn't stop there. We have one massive shout out to give to a very tough roller doll - X Con Vick! One of our mamma dolls fractured her leg in two places during the first half of the bout. She was calm and composed at the scene convincing everyone it was just a twisted ankle!