Twink T

Twink T 31
Derby Number: 
Whip-Its Bench Crew
How long have you been skating?: 
When I was a kid I skated at Roller Disco on roller blades but never carried it on. Then in 2008 I started going to Roller Discos again and joined Leeds Roller Dolls about six months later.
What does your derby name mean to you?: 
When I was younger I was called Twinkle by my friends. Then when I was older I started dancing and people started calling me Twinkle Toes. At the time I started Roller Derby Twinkle Toes was taken so I decided on Twink T.
What's your best move/technique?: 
Either Jonny Crash or booty block. Finally put my booty to some good use.
What's your favourite roller derby anthem/tunes to skate to?: 
Nas - You can hate me now or Baby's got back
Favourite roller derby quote?: 
Stomp on the crotch
Your Derby Story: 

So Roller Derby was this violent sport that I didn't know much about and didn't want to go anywhere near. The main reason being that I didn't want people hitting me. Reluctantly I was persuaded to go to a training session by Nuclear Missile (former LRD). Once at the session I though doesn't look too bad and I can do that.

Since then I haven’t been off skates for more than two weeks at a time (I think). I love skating and love Derby even more. I even take my skates on holiday and skate along the side of the beach. Roller Derby gave me something to be passionate about again and really got into the team spirit.

Roller Derby has helped me grow as a person and I’m now on the training committee which I love. LRD for life.