Summer Horror Day! LRD vs SSRG - Home - 22/08/09

22 Aug 2009 14:00
2009 - Summer Horror Day
Leeds Roller Dolls Rotten Rollers vs Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Final Score: 
LRD 274 - 58 SSRG
Saturday, 22 August 2009
Savilles Hall, Leeds

Leeds Roller Dolls took on the mighty Sheffield Steel Rollergirls in West Yorkshire's first ever public roller derby bout!

Summer Horror Day was held at Leeds' Royal Armouries in the Savilles Hall conferencing centre and boasted real-life (?) zombies, monster-mashing music, 2 bars (one for beers, one for cocktails!), merch heaven (to get all your roller derby t-shirts, bags, knickers etc) and 28 roller girls battling it out for the Yorkshire crown!