Fuzzin' Boots

Fuzzin' Boots 999
...just bust a move...
Derby Number: 
Rebel Roses Travel Team
How long have you been skating?: 
All the skating you tend to do as a child - quads, then onto inlines because, well everyone else did. There's nothing like skating down to the corner shop to stuff your face with sweets! Joined LRD July 2009, quads always win in my heart!
What does your derby name mean to you?: 
Well it's a play on 'puss-in-boots' because my name's Kat and I'm in roller boots.... AND I TAKE NO PRISONERS AARRRGH!!!!
What's your best move/technique?: 
Answers on a postcard please...
What's your favourite roller derby anthem/tunes to skate to?: 
Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder currently features in my pre-bout rituals! Also skating to any Prodigy works for me.
Favourite roller derby quote?: 
Gorgon Roller jamming, to the other jammer shouts... Rarrrrgh!!! I'm coming to get you!!!!
Your Derby Story: 

I remember every detail of my first practice. Leeds were joining Sheffield Steel Roller Girls that day for a mixed practice and after much persuasion from SJ Slay I went along. We were late which made my nerves horrendous! Did some laps then our lovely ref The Enforcer showed me knee falls - naturally I fell right on my arse whilst I was stood still listening to him! So very painful, a fall that I can still feel to this day!

I watched them scrimmage and just though, I am never gonna be able to do that! Feeling very sorry for myself and with a very sore bum I stood outside at the end of practice and was immediately greeted by all the Dolls. I remember Rosewhip and X-Con Vick in particular coming and talking to me... 'I hope hurting your bum hasn't put you off!' No it did not and so it began! A bit of blood, a LOT of sweat and maybe a few tears (shhh), but it's totally worth it!

I've learnt so much off each and every Doll and have so much more to learn. I can't thank them all enough for everything they do, Dolls past and present.
So here we are, I do a bit of this, I do a bit of that, but practice makes perfect and that's what I intend to happen... an impossibility you say? NEVER!!!

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