Bouts & Events 2010

Blocking Around the Christmas Tree! CCR vs LRD - Away - 12/12/10

12 Dec 2010 12:00
LRD last bout of the 2010 season!
Central City Rollergirls vs Leeds Roller Dolls
Final Score: 
CCR 84 - 48 LRD
Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Great Yorkshire Showdown 2010! Tournament - Home - 24/10/2010

24 Oct 2010 11:00
Leeds Roller Dolls were proud to host The Great Yorkshire Showdown!
2010 - Great Yorkshire Showdown
Sunday, 24 October 2010

LRD held their first tournament in October 2010. Teams from Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Lincolnshire, Middlesbourough, Sheffield, Wakefield and of course our very own LEEDS ROLLER DOLLS, introducing there New Second Travel Team, Whip-Its gathered to play a series of 1/2 hour bouts. The tournament, hosted at Huddersfield Sports Centre, turned out to be a fun-filled day of Derby.

Winners on the day! Lincolnshire Bombers triumphed in a hard fought final agains LRD's own Yorkshire Whip-Its!

Heat 1: 
Leeds Roller Dolls vs Newcastle Roller Girls
LRD 104 - 35 NRG
Heat 2: 
Sheffield Steel Rollergirls vs Liverpool Roller Birds
SSRG 121 - 28 LRB
Heat 3: 
Lincolnshire Bombers vs Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
LBRG 72 - 21 MMR
Heat 4: 
Wakey Wheeled Cats vs Manchester Roller Derby
WWC 62 - 20 MRD
Semi Final 1: 
Leeds Roller Dolls vs Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
LRD 69 - 43 SSRG
Semi Final 2: 
Lincolnshire Bombers vs Wakey Wheeled Cats
LBRG 89 - 22 WWC
Leeds Roller Dolls vs Lincolnshire Bombers
Final Score: 
LRD 42 - 67 LBRG

Little Red Riding Thud! LRD vs RCRG - Home - 19/09/2010

29 Sep 2010 14:30
2010 -Little Red Riding Thud!
Leeds Roller Dolls vs Rainy City Roller Girls
Final Score: 
LRD 86 - 117 RCRG
Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Rack n' Roll! LRD vs GRG - Home - 21/08/10

21 Aug 2010 14:00
Leeds Roller Dolls were proud to host Rack n' Roll!
2010 - Rack n Roll
Leeds Roller Dolls vs Glasgow Roller Girls Irn Bruisers
Final Score: 
LRG 86 - 85 GRG
Saturday, 21 August 2010
The Edge, Leeds University Sports Centre, LS2 9JT

In what turned out to be a nail biting game, with plenty of thrilling moments, Leeds Roller Dolls went on to win against the mighty Glasgow Roller Girls' Irn Bruisers, in the last nail-biting moments. In a bout that saw excellent jamming on both sides and effective blocking & tactics throughout, at the final whistle scores were 78 -78. The excited crowd saw both teams step up for a further two jaw-dropping overtime Jams, culminating in The Dolls victorious at the end of one of the closest bouts this season.

Intraleague! Stars vs Stripes - Open - 04/07/2010

4 Jul 2010 18:00
Intraleague Bout Stars (Stars) vs Stripes (White)
Sunday, 4 July 2010
Final Score: 
Stars 169 - 78 Stripes

LRD's first Open Intraleague Bout, was an Independence Day Success. Blacks Stars squared up against the White Stripes. Joining the Dolls in the battle was fellow West Yorkshire skaters the Wakey Wheeled Cats. Sparkling for the Stars were Fu Quin Hell, Feline Fatale and Edd Hunter; while the Stripes were not to be out-stripped had guest Cats Lookin' Fur Touble, Madame Whip Crash and Bruise Buffer.

Sun, Sea & Slammed! LRD vs LRR - Home - 19/06/10

19 Jun 2010 14:00
2010 - sun Sea and Slammed
Leeds Roller Dolls vs London Rockin' Rollers
Final Score: 
LRD 94 - 116 LRR
Saturday, 19 June 2010
Dewsbury Sports Centre, WF12 8EN

This was another bout not to be missed! A first for both teams, London Rockin Rollers met the Leeds Roller Dolls on the track for a bit of roller derby fun on the 19th June at the Dewsbury Sport Centre, Dewsbury.

After a hard fought battle, London Rockin' Rollers were the victors!

Intraleague! Cops vs Robbers - Closed - 15/05/2010

15 May 2010 14:30
Intraleague Closed Bout. Cops vs Robbers
Saturday, 15 May 2010
Final Score: 
Cops 91 - 159 Robbers

Leeds Roller Dolls first Intraleague bout saw the moustachioed Cops squaring up against those crafty Robbers. The first half saw the Robbers escaping with a runaway lead. The second half saw the strong arm of the law closing the gap on those pesky villains in a final score that did in fact see the Robbers winning and getting away scot free!

Viva Bash Vegas! LRD vs BBD - Home - 24/04/10

24 Apr 2010 08:12
2010 - Bash Vegas
Leeds Roller Dolls vs Birmingham Blitz Dames
Final Score: 
LRD 297 - 25 BBD
Saturday, 24 April 2010
The Edge, Leeds University Sports Centre, LS2 9JT

Those Rollin’ Aces, the Birmingham Blitz Dames, headed north to take on those Ace Venturas, the Leeds Roller Dolls, in a Clash-ino Royale to remember! The last meeting of these Queens of the Pack saw Birmingham royally rush away with victory but a year has passed and Leeds were gunning for some Vegas vengeance! The girls had their laces high and their poker skates on, it was a Las Vegas Takedown! When the (c)hips were down, LRD came out victorious.

Jailhouse Block! ARRG vs LRD - Away - 14/02/10

14 Feb 2010 14:00
2010 - Jailhouse Block
Auld Reekie Roller Girls vs Leeds Roller Dolls
Final Score: 
ARRG 96 - 93 LRD
Sunday, 14 February 2010
Meadowbank Sports Centre, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE

Snow Brawl! LRD vs CCR - Home - 30/01/10

30 Jan 2010 14:00
2010 - Snow Brawl
Leeds Roller Dolls vs Central City Rollergirls
Final Score: 
LRD 99 - 104 CCR
Saturday, 30 January 2010
The Edge, Leeds University Sports Centre, LS2 9JT