Shere Carnage

Shere Carnage 209
Derby Number: 
Rebel Roses Travel Team
How long have you been skating?: 
Since Jan 2010
What does your derby name mean to you?: 
A love of old-school Disney and the mayhem I cause on track
What's your best move/technique?: 
I love anchoring
What's your favourite roller derby anthem/tunes to skate to?: 
Anything with a bit of groove in it!
Your Derby Story: 

My boyfriend was friends with Gorgon Roller (an awesome ex Leeds Roller Doll) and she invited him to Snow Brawl in Jan 2010. We ended up at the afterparty and I guess I got caught up in the whole excitement of the day. A fair few beers later and I found myself agreeing to give it a go. They both held me to my word and I found myself turning up to practice a couple of weeks later. I was so nervous as I’ve never been a sporty person, but I was instantly hooked and have never looked back.

Rostered Bouts (LRD Rebel Roses): 
Other Rostered Bouts: 
Liverpool Roller Birds Present - A Hard Days Fight! Team Black vs Team White - 13/11/10 - With Team White
Liverpool Roller Birds Closed Bout! Team Black vs Team White - 26/02/11 - With Team Black