Caesar Maniac

Caeser Maniac 67
Hail Yeah!
Derby Number: 
How long have you been skating?: 
Since February 2010
What does your derby name mean to you?: 
It means you will hear an insane cackle as I come careening round the bend up behind you, it means I rule my pack with an iron will, and it means you will encounter bedlam and chaos, the likes of which you have never before seen, both on and off the track. 'Caesar Maniac, maniac on the floor and she's skating like she's never done it befoorrrrre!'
What's your best move/technique?: 
Frenzied footwork, quick recovery and unpredictable nature.
What's your favourite roller derby anthem/tunes to skate to?: 
'She's a Maniac' from Flashdance obviously, also, Florence and the Machines 'Kiss With a Fist' makes me feel fiesty and Good Charlotte's 'Riot Girl'.
Your Derby Story: 

Veni, vidi, vixi! I came, I saw, I lived!

Me and Roller Derby. It's something I didn't even know I wanted in my life! I guess I started with LRD to encourage Cookie Cutlass who I knew would make a special kind of derby girl with her sturdy nature and carefree spinning. I figured I was more your straight legged petrified type, skate within one foot of me and I'm cowering on the floor.

I thought I'd bob along for a laugh, maybe stay till the spring time then off I'd go to my next big adventure. Only this turned out to be a humongous adventure of neverending proportions.

I didn't count on that first practice bringing back all the excitement of my old 13 year old self at Saturday afternoon roller disco. Only this time was infinitely better, Liam McPartland from down the road didn't want to hold my hand and snog me on the crash mats! This was brilliant!

I had trained with a Karate squad most of my teenage years and all my other pursuits were generally lone sports. With roller derby I learned to appreciate playing and training with a team. As I said to Luna in the first email I ever sent....'I'm not really your netball type!'

I didn't believe I'd like being around all those people so much. As it turned out, they are all flipping brilliant, encouraging, super tough, and so darn nice. Now I'd completely miss their sweaty faces if I were to ever leave. So... I stick around!

What I love about roller derby is that you NEVER stop learning, we have so many different skill levels in our great big league and even the best of the best will always be working to learn or perfect a skill. Attendance is key, you come to practice, and you will get better, guaranteed!

I used to think 3 sessions a week, especially with 3 hours on a Sunday (SUNDAY, a.k.a. God's day of sleeping in and eating Yorkshire Puddings!) would be far too much, but now I'm seeking out ways to skate on all the days in-between. Being good at roller derby means not falling over or getting gazelled ALL THE FLAMIN' TIME, what better motivator to get your skates on and get your bum to practice.

Other things I have enjoyed about Leeds Roller Dolls are the opportunities to do all manner of extraskaticular activities, like raising money for charity, fundraising for the league, officiating at bouts and joining my teammates for all kinds of off-skates shenanigans. Bingo anyone?

With Leeds Roller Dolls you can try your hand at things you don't get to do in your 'real' life. For instance, I have just joined Sponsorship committee, something I don't have any experience with but I am enthusiastic to help the league and get all the support I need along the way.

Also... I wear tights!

Every other day I wear tights, my mum laughs at this because I have refused to wear tights, for my whole life.

Since January of this year I have also become the Treasurer of Leeds Roller Dolls which I am really enjoying. I adore my LRD and being on the Board is a fantastic way to take care of everybody and get involved with making the league strong and mighty!

Hear that derby world!, LRD are big and strong and have meticulous bookkeeping skills!

Caesar xX

Other Rostered Bouts: 
Liverpool Roller Birds Closed Bout! Team Black vs Team White - 26/02/11 - With Team Black